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Its true, I have found it, although it was'nt easy to obtain, because you have to use common sense to figure out how to get it. Ok now, I am not going to tell you how to obtain the triforce, but I will tell you to think back to the story that the deku tree had told you after you beat gohma. Now either start a new game to freshen your memory on it or just try to remeber it. Now, all those rumors people saying you have to do this and that, and blow that thing up, they are all wrong. The triforce is anywhere that you choose to access it at. You just have to do the right thing to access it. Well, thats all I will say on the triforce, lets see if you people can figure it out.


The Golden Cow

You can get a golden cow, that gives you invinsibility. To do this, you have to get 30 seconds on the obstacle coarse. If you do this, you will be entered in a horse steeple chase, racing against weidos on cows. If you obtain a score of 1000 pts. you get a certificate to get a golden bottle. You give this to the cucco lady, and she teaches you a song called Sonitina of the Cows. Play this song for Ingo, and he will reward you, after a dumb speech, a golden cow.

-Larry McCrum

Golden Tunic

You have to start a new game and get up to the water temple. DO NOT BEAT THE TEMPLE!!!! First go out of the pond and shoot a arrow into the MOON. Then play the song of storms anywhere in the dried up lake. Now quickly look for a golden door and go in it. There will be a lady. She gives you the armor. Before you sing the song of storms, you must wear the Red Tunic, have bombs in down c, arrows in left c, and the Ocarina of time in right c. My friend says he got it, but I dont belive him at all.